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Top 20 Best Android Apps 2019

Takeaways in Germany 2019 to 2018 apps that should check out to get the Eurostar off right click disclaimer know these after hover to show up a sponsored or another word that he need to include them in this video I genuinely think of these apps amazing no matter how many times they have so thumbs up for that also be giving away over 100 promo code M5 $10 Google Play gift cards for you to do is follow me on Twitter at 21 anyway
so turn off right with some wallpaper apps the first one is called Emily walls and the second one is called what herb goes by the same developer and I absolutely love it was a dark background background Instead of Dan Walker physically alternative is funny of categories to choose from including abstract material minimal and even if you utilise truly is included but yeah but that's over it was a truth detector developer I'll be giving away 50 promo codes to moz50 Procol have pro just
follow me on Twitter I had two men and you'll be entering the contest the first best app of 2019 is mnml screen recorder you know there aren't that many grey screen recorder app for Android nowadays a lot of them have Should be a plus for a lot of people a very straightforward app that gets the job done of course
I had to draw my favourite launcher it's colour Add to list and the place to put on APK mirror I drop that link revolut the like button essentially YouTube replication of Google Pixel stop lateral but it had a few extra features for customisation such as I contact support team mean criticise gestures backup and restore and other features you'd find in a typical third party launcher if you want to know a great alternative that is Nova Launcher
I also recommend Hyperion launcher it's pretty feature packed with plenty of unique features like plant configurations fingerprint authentication for your private apps very detail options for themes and so forth don't worry I won't this recommendation is there after the third app is actually fluid navigation gestures and Alison I've had my shares of horrible now for implementations in the past but navigation gestures in one of them it's probably animation to bring something unique to the table and it gives you a more screen real estate compared to the regular education Coming up in the centre of the front of the home screen sliding and folding will bring up my recent page sleeping from the laptop back and swiping on the right will bring down the notifications panel
but I can't decide like with whatever I do including an action and apple shortcut just keep in mind that you wanted to use ATP or have access to stop now and some features that just launching after using the navigation Actress in the pro version which cost $1.99 moving on play she is a great way to stream your screen with your friends and video chat with them at the same time the idea is simple just make sure your friend also has the app at them by texting them a request that the app
you like to show off and then choose the chat style and his watch Once your friend has does the caller hear she will be able to see your screen where you can show them your amazing Angry Birds skills or have them help you with a problem that you having with your phone we all know that don't displays are getting bigger each year in these devices are getting hard to use with just one hand in the top of the screen requires repositioning your hand so you can tap or swipe a single object
so your solution outreach busy cursor when swiping the screen you can control are you with a cursor dragon with the cursor in tap on it to click it disappears when you're after Otago saying is like Wi-Fi Bluetooth flash excetera sure there are a few settings require access to everything still works really well now I'm one of those long legs just in case I miss something or I didn't understand about voice recording so I just use voice note to the recording something about Record the conversations real-time which is next level stuff if you started picture why you recorded what are the visual content to the conversations inline if you can even create groups for inviting people to view and share your recordings the plane were featured within the site B&Q stand up for me just lying is the new literary experiment
bye Google could you can make simple drawings in midair by pressing your finger in the middle of the screen and moving the phone Around Every do you make was staying the same Spice you can create some amazing videos you can even out with another person if you so choose someone on Twitter recommend a checkout I can't see and I had to be really useful so. Customizer you know the pain of trying to find the best looking icon with the multiple icon packs that you have on your phone why can't he let you search through all your installed icon packs at the same time to find the perfect icon it's basically a universal I can search her works with whatever launcher you have now oneplus gestures is the only paid up on
this list costing $1.49 but I had a drawing ever all my fellow techies who just want to say it just now but one that's the most oxygen Oasis navigation gestures so you can have the awesomest screen real-estate and the Freedom of choosing wait wife dies sure you need a DBS now but once you do in a room without a problem it's very similar to play with navigation gestures just doesn't have those crazy animations for those looking to wake up with some YouTube jam checkerspot an alarm clock for you to it's a simple alarm clock they will play YouTube playlist in tracks to wake you up in the morning that's pretty much all it does but it's still very useful since I haven't seen you start work at do this yet the same developer Rookery Spa time for you to Bosham E14 Spotify now I know the stock Google clock appareil support Spotify but you can you spot on as a sleep timer so once you listening to your music you can select how long you like to listen to your playlist in after the timer is app Spotify what's stop playing speaker music One lyrics is the best app to pull up lyrics to song is playing on your phone supports the majority of music services in it has songs you can put the lyrics by looking in the notification panel or swipe in from the right edge of the screen
you can leave it down the lyrics for offline use if you only tablet or a second phone you know the struggle of only having a primary phone notify you of incoming text Snapchat or WhatsApp notifications but you can sort this issue by using breast tumor in coming out of patients on your main device to your secondary vices not only can you read the same notifications but you can do all the same quick actions that just dismiss reply like Julianne Moore and every notification you dismiss someone device was be dismissed on on your other devices if you look in a remap you Google assistant home button shortcut then you can use assistant shortcuts long pressing the home button cannot lie down your notification panel take a screenshot open in app turn on the flashlight in more if you ever use a Samsung you probably know that
they have it Peter Collett screen which allows you to pull up a multitude of panels with your favourite apps contacts weather etc what wood ash green S90 can do the same thing with a few unique powder to choose from for example I can have a panel for my favourite apps contacts WhatsApp contacts a calculator soft keys weather music player a compass which is it more because he can customise the crap out asap so give it a shot for this webinar Chandra gorgeous 2018 flagship you can use not sure not to hide it
I know most wanted really happened after this both devices like the pixel 3 Excel hide the national horrible at the same time as buried deep within the setting sun approved drop below that which gives you a screen space change the colour of the spark making it better fit with your head and you can quickly enable in the quick settings panel trending topics attack and what other people think it's kind of funny have showing you all these apps that will make you use your phone even more however the next step is a great way to help you use
your phone while it's called drive away once you tap on begin in set the timer the app won't I use
your phone for that fixed amount of time it will block all apps notifications calls and text however
you can give you if you contact VIP access so they can contact you anyways any water reply to messages laying in the know that you're taking a break from your cell phone on top of that he can block specific app for a minute I'm blast app on this list is empty folder cleaner as the name implies it will remove all empty folders found within your internal storage left behind the third party applications anyways I can choose the best Android apps of 2019 yearmix follow me on Twitter app amazing wallpaper apps or a $10 Google Play gift card for wise in the next one

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