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Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018

Night the Black Death I really like that music edit these are the games that had is glued to our screens for the past 12 months
welcome in today will be County Down or Picks for the top 10 best video games of 2018 2018 has been an absolute roller coaster of a year click the link below to find her best and worst of 2018 videos for a look back at all the awesome and crazy things that happened latest titles with this year we can fit all the games we think I will stand the test of time as is tradition not be including any remix free Masters or enhanced or any kind also be including fortnight as it's Battle Royale mode was released in 2017 however this time around with the ottomans to get things going 10 Far Cry 5 everything could be over a long running really fast vehicles and hope County Montana and the story Check check and check man we love Far Cry
Number 9 dead cells This game is mixture of a roguelike dungeon crawler and metroidvania action-adventure made a lot of Gamers take notice during his time in early access which help to make its release very successful for fans of the Dark Souls series and those looking for a challenge
This is a 2D action or that just cannot be missed as a literal collection of dead cells game is explore procedurally generated levels fighting The Undead within what collecting cells that are used as an ingame currency to level up ones characters similar to the souls games and yep you guessed it upon Tyne you lose yourself have to start over again sounds like a frustratingly great time number 8 subnautica this is an open world adventure and like many found in the overcrowded now it is the focus on survival managing resources and of course exploring alien Ocean Towers to shoot Beyond the next week
number 7 Assassin's Creed of the Assassins Creed series last year and origins Leap Forward in terms of gameplay and visual upgrades fans of the series wanted for some time to see moves even more to work role-playing and it's predecessor and does it in a way that feels cruise the important to the story and Environment come by way of writing but the feeling we had building her versions of alexios or Cassandra and how that empowers us to move about this huge open world with unique highlighting 2018 also begins fictional retelling of the peloponnesian war how cool was that
number six Marvel Spiderman at last we have the definitive Spider-Man game that fans have wanted since the days of Spider-Man 2 swinging through the streets of New York City is fine he has never felt better I'm playing as Peter Parker was also surprisingly satisfying to do his relatable story and edition of puzzles that greatly switch up the pigs not only that but if you see boss battles provided something is Buzz climactic moment Sure Start activities could have been better but with traversal and combat this good is the gay bars by the fans have been waiting for now get out there and see the city
Number five Monster Hunter world Capcom series finally came and it was that it's wanted chasing down creating Gear and weapons and then tracking down even ask your beasts rinse and repeat no longer divided into regions Monster Hunter is a fully open world it feels truly are all types of Monsters within but as longtime fans No 6 in this world still comes with a bit of a learning curve the difficulty of jumping into the game for the first time it's been still down for newcomers this time around however even so expect a challenge number for Super Smash Bros ultimate the newest version of Nintendo crossover fighter is not only celebration of all things a celebration of gaming as a Whole Lotta is absolutely every returning character as well as a good handful of new ones
create 4 years after the last game feels even faster and more time before play return of great single player content though there is no longer just a competition in multiplayer and we love going mano-a-mano with a game to unlock more characters in the items all hail Smash Bros
 number 3 Celeste who says there is always plenty of room fantastic soundtrack original story and luckily last off all 3 boxes to become one of the best 2D platformers ever made metal and struggle to climb this mountain while dealing with her own eggs ideas using inner demons is an emotional journey that we weren't expecting to be handled so incredibly well for such a tricky subject plus the challenging yet well-designed stages really nail games of overcoming adversity it's one thing to have a fantastic story and gameplay These elements complement each other so well that's Leicester to new high bar for future indie games
number two God of War Sony's reboot of the acclaimed God of War franchise was nothing short of miraculous made us fall in love with Kratos after many years of making him a highly unlike a bowl angry character back by Norse mythology this time around this game tender dynamic tale of Kratos and atreus is emotional journey about fathers and Sons loves and losses in New Beginnings all backed up by Carter come back in a jaw-dropping to uncover and who didn't get overwhelmed with excitement when Kratos retrieve his iconic blades of Chaos this game wasn't just an epic adventure has is Hungary from now on 4
number one Red Dead Redemption 2 what would it be without the latest offering from rockstar no doubt is it realistic and highly precise Acid etching company is also one of the best gaming has to offer with an incredible cast of characters that had us laughing loving and kissing her way through with 60 plus our narrative which reminds us time to be getting back to cast to our Shores Do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from watchmojo and be sure subscribe to ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos 

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