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Samsung phone putting glass backs on their flagship phone since 2015 with its 10th year anniversary however it is x a changing in this time they are pulling out all of the stops and don't forget to hit subscribe followed by the Bell stay up to date with all the latest tech but new report suggests the premium range of S10 model will be switching to ceramic back instead of glass just right backs reported to be produced for the black and white colors it first and no indication if this will come forward to other models in future
we've had ceramic backs in the past from show me an essential and give the device a very premium look this is great news for consumers a ceramic is a hard material it gives more scratch-resistant glass and gives a nice Polish finish it doesn't block any signal so wireless charging will still be included in ceramic rank slightly lower than diamond and Sapphire in hardness so no other minerals should be scratching your device
we've also had a leak from Ice universe for the guy Galaxy S10 screen protector that she was also very nice-looking panel with minimal bezel laptop and a small chin at the bottom the entry-level budget S10 model will be the SMG 970x with a flat 5.8 inch display in a single rear camera is for someone likely to contain an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner
but it's reported that it will have one on the side BS10 premium model what will again be 5.8 inches but this time with a dual camera setup on the rear and it will include at the in display fingerprint scanner is reported to be available in different gradient colours we've also had reports of the screen exceeding 600 pixel per inch and the use of the new Samsung infinity display will we get a camera cut out instead of a notch vs 10 plus will be coming in a 6.44 inch display most likely with the same resolution is the S10 to expect a lower PPI but still no doubt an incredible display is reported be using a triple camera setup on the rear with the horizontal layout to ensure there is space for a larger battery which is reported to be 4000 milliamp hours and gradient colour options are also to be expected
we've also had new reports of another 5G model coming with a huge 6.7 inch display for cameras on the rear and two cameras on the front and of course 5th support is expected to come with 512 gigs of storage and also be available in the ceramic black and white variant with 4 cameras being added to these devices I'm hoping it maybe the new census this Samsung previously announced their .8 micrometres senses with the Bright Young One being 48 megapixel in the bright TV 132 with cameras being a key component in today's flagships it would seem a great time for them to debut these two sentences out of course in these devices is likely to be the snapdragon 855 in North America
and the X and S9 e24 the rest of the world all of these facts have been released the nine 8:20 and one of the seven and chips that we hope for is still a brilliant addition to the range the snapdragon 855 5 is also set to be a great ship said and we started to see leaked benchmarks appearing the schools as slightly behind that was a 12 bionic but still great scores a lot of exciting news pouring in from Samsung
but I have to say I'm still not sold on 5G yet when it's ready I'm all for it but as I said before unless you gave mean on mobile networks with downloading large files on your phone you're unlikely to notice any real world difference and as they roll out the technology we may find ourselves with a limited coverage for a while anyway but with this improved 5G model in the S range and wondering if this is Samsung's attempt to encourage consumers to make the switch with this model is also unlikely to be released with the rest of the estranged the most likely wait until 5th is truly ready but as always I'd like to know your guys thoughts down in the comments below will you be going for the ceramic back and what gradient colours do you think should be included also are you excited for 5G or is it something that doesn't really bother you

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