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Red Magic Mars 2 UNBOXING and REVIEW

You might know that I don't love the concept of the gaming smartphone charging a premium for is often a small upgrade in performance at the expensive things that I consider more important this is different much closer to how I think it should be done the talking about the red magic Mars and probably the most important thing you need to know about it is that it starts at $399 and for some perspective
that compares to 899 for the Asus Rog phone is it any less powerful not really but I'll come to this at nearly 10 mm the Mars is somewhat chunky but at the same time structurally sound and I do appreciate having a surface that you don't need to wipe every time you use it if your interview static you won't find many smartphones as adventurous designed as this one
but at the same time the angular build does mean it's a serious table wobbler so you can't really use it when it's lying flat it has a headphone jack fingerprint scanner and the same configurable light strip that we saw one last year's variant is a useful no not really but is it cool yeah I'll give it that but there are so many gaming features you might be quite surprised at what they've managed to fit in at this price and it brings up quite an interesting points so let's break it down you've got capacitive shoulder buttons 7.1 virtual surround sound audio a dedicated slide it into gaming mode and a 40 vibration engine the phone also implement three forms of calling a v the heating and air chamber inside for passive airflow and the use of a metal alloy that supposedly disappeared 64% more heat and glass and the results speak for themselves it keeps temperatures quite consistent and the social gaming 4 hours at a time it can burn your trip having to throttle down as performance because it's overheating leaving the gaming software has been streamlined
I wouldn't go as far as to call it beautiful but it's dark in proven over last year on Flickr this which also takes you to a redesigned gaming hub which works really well and it makes all the features you might want really simple to access so his thing a lot of this gaming stuff you could take it or leave it and I'll make a difference if you're a hardcore pub g gamer who has three hour sessions at a time but less so if you're more of 8 90 minutes of brawl stars during a community kind of gamer much of it is not particularly useful or even compatible with many games has any to right now that actively support the vibration feature but what I like about this as opposed to other gaming phones is that even if you used none of this it is still good value for money it runs Android 9 out the box has a dual speaker setup with really spacious sound and a pretty respectable 3800 million power battery nothing comes for free and in making this affordable
I say there are three main compromises the first is that the base model here has the snapdragon 845 with 6 gigs of RAM and don't get me wrong that is a good spec it's only 2 gigs of RAM of smartphones twice the price last year but that's just it it is last year's tech imagine the 8:45 is pretty cheap now as it's towards the end of its main production cycle so that might be one of the contributing factors this phone's surprisingly low price but I don't think there should be a deal-breaker yes on one hand it's ironic that a phone made for gaming is using last year's components but right now there's no application where you feel any kind of bottleneck and remember that for similar amounts of money than other phone's are still using mid-range chips also from last year the second thing is that it's clear that the camera wasn't a priority here with a single 16 megapixel sensor you'll miss out on portrait mode and any kind of optical zoom but it's not bad in well-lit conditions refined punchy and dynamic and the saving grace is the ferns rock bottom price is not even close to iPhone or Huawei flagship pricing
so I can get away with not being compared to them the right definitely even $400 phones with more flexible camera systems but the red magic Mars can they least hold its own against most of them the third brake here is display this is a 6 inch LCD panel and probably the most noticeable compromise on the phone it lacks the Deep colours of an OLED display it doesn't support these super high refresh rate for the gaming phones and it's got a mediocre screen to body ratio of 78.5% it makes sense they had to be a compromise but at the same time we seem to 100 on iPhones with me Lee 85% display if you're up to me display would be pretty much the top priority one above LED strips and capacitive shoulder buttons but this aspect is pretty subjective what would you prioritise so on balance the red magic Mars is not without Flaws and if you started listing everything that's missing you be going for a while but if you take a step back you'll see it offers 80% of what the wrong phone did last year and Times of performance cooling gaming features even the camera
I just over 40% of the price and that's something I would say they're a bit if the gaming features don't interest you at all but you still want the performance then the proper phone F1 takes the cake in terms of overall thank you but thanks for watching guys and I'll catch you

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