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iPhone SE 2 COMING THIS YEAR! | At Apple's 2019 March Event?

Hey guys what's up the sky take one here I wanted to make a video about the iPhone SE2
and yes I did say iPhone SE2 that could potentially be in the making right now and could possibly make its debut very soon so after discontinuation for some time the original iPhone se has been appearing in apples clearance site a few times down with a price tag of $249 made its first appearance in the Apple Store a couple weeks ago around January 19th and it's sold out very quickly and again on January 23rd and came back in stock and it's sold out again and made its latest appearance on January 31st so could this be apples way of testing
if the iPhone is he is still relevant to consumers and if they weren't rolled out the second generation but it's all just as well there is no question here that the original iPhone se has been one of the most beloved iPhones of all times partially due to its classic look which brought back to him using Square Edge design from the iPhone 4 and 5
and also because it came equipped with modern apple hardware of 2016 despite its old look like the A9 processing chip with a 12 megapixel rear-facing camera and modern software features like life photos and apple pay not the original iPhone se was a budget model that started at around $400 it does kind of become questionable ear that why would apple create an iPhone SE2 now when they already introduced a quote and quote budget model the iPhone 10 are to their smartphone lineup last year but was it really a budget model with a price tag starting at $749 going back to the original iPhone se what was the actual purpose of that phone in why did it sell so well yeah
I did think that it had an affordable price in comparison to any other iPhone with an operating system just as great as every other smartphone in the line up at that time but it's played a huge role to with the display is getting bigger over time from the original 3.5 inch displays to 6.5 in now not everyone likes bigger phone some people like phones that can easily fit in their hands up our kids and the iPhone se did just that and those are exactly
the consumers apple targeted with creating the iPhone se in the first place it cheaper model of 2018 iPhones to 6.1 inch iPhone 10 are standing right in the middle of the lineup display wise with the smallest one being 5 .8 in which was actually the biggest model in 2017 and a huge 6.5 inch display on the largest iPhone so there is no doubt that a Monkeys bigger phones there needs to be a smaller version take spending choices for iPhone consumers and with the iPhone sales struggle last year it would definitely make sense if apple makes
the iPhone se 2 with the latest hardware and a little redesigned boost their sales which in fact was exactly what you're a Selassie model did back in 2016 this iPhone help to Apple bring it earnings up when it exceeded the amount of iPhone se sales that were initially expected we haven't had a major elite to confirm the iPhone SE2 over the original
I see making spontaneous appearances in the apples clearance store we know for sure that Apple hasn't forgotten about them if apple were to release the next generation of iPhone se soon as the March event that Apple has every year would be the perfect time since it would be the third anniversary of the Rational model and apple is known to upgrade some of th devices after a very long time so it wouldn't be a big surprise at this point so therefore this video guys what would you like to see new iPhone SE2 if apple were to release it soon and would you buy it let me know in the comments below 

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