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Best Android Apps - November 2018!

Who is Googles in cycle you all are doing well at we are back with another episode of best Android applications as always later these apps are down below in the description so make sure you check them out so let's go ahead and start off with the first application tap on hand is assistant for cats if you're someone who doesn't really find themselves using or triggering the Google assistant with a button
you can use this app to trigger something else instead so if your system is triggered by a long press of the home button for example you can set it to toggle the flashlight open the quick settings panel router quick know you can watch any application of your choosing and more the application interface is nice and clean with no ads which is nice and overall is it really need way to take advantage of whatever it is capable of next up
we've got this year is a clean simple and easy to use subscription-manager is pretty self-explanatory this is a great way to keep track of all the services you paid for on a regular basis nowadays these subscriptions can build up and I think it's a really good idea to keep better track of them exactly how much you're putting down for these things per month subscription is super quick and easy in there over 300 pre-made templates you can create your own if you need to and there's even a set of app dark theme songs up for that
if you want to take things a step further you can grab the pro version which gets rid of asking back of your subscriptions to Google Drive you could access to subscription widgets for your home screen and more this is a very useful tool to have on hand up on the list is the athletic if you follow sports that you definitely going to check this one out this gives you exclusive in depth coverage for your favourite sports team loads of articles there is a community section with q
and if you've got live scores and stats to keep you up-to-date probably my favourite part of this app is it says there are a lot of sports apps out there but in my opinion this is the cleanest one around and I love it it's my new go-to number for we've got my moon phase if you're interested in tracking the lunar calendar this app is your best but it shows you different information like when the next full moon will be when he goes in and blue hours are for those of you that would like to take pictures you can check everything by date
so if you want you can choose a date that in the future and view the cycles of the moon is there is so much more overall it's a really need application it's well made with a nice interface that things will get a kick out of it halfway through the list we're going to take a look at some customization applications in here we've got the customised pixel launcher aka CPL just think of the regular pixel launcher with 8 horn of customization you can change just about anything I've tried most of if not all the types of watches out there
and I have to say this is probably the best one you can get it it's free I actually have a full overview of this month and my channel and I take a look at everything that is capable of make sure you check it out so you know what it's all about and go ahead and let me know if you think you can give the king of Walters Nova Launcher a run for its money now ask for a great eye contact to a company CPL or to just freshen up any setup we've got the Noisy Icon Pack made by the same developer that brought us easy corny me and my personal favorite the Moxy
I contact Arms this Square based eye contact that features over 5200 icons it's got dynamic calendars in 50 different cloud wallpapers to match the items themselves are very well made as expected if they're very colourful there Chris and high quality and weekly updates are things so expect new fresh icons on a regular basis then after that go ahead in the hunt for a do wallpaper in the papers app there are tons of wallpapers spread across a nice sized collection of categories got nature space abstract InDesign minimal that was made especially for Emily displays and more I will say this application is biggest downside is that is pretty heavily covered in the ass but if you can get past that I think it's definitely worth the download I've actually found some of my new favourite wallpapers using this app and I'm sure you'll do the same lastly
how close the video out with us in board games the first one is xur this is a show and minimal puzzle game that definitely comes with the challenge the objective here is to connect these nose and throat will need more connections than others did each of them down to zero and you're good to go make sure not to let them intersect cos that will break the connection and as expected advancing will only get more and more difficult through the 64 different puzzles information that piano soundtrack in the back is just so relaxing you want to take a nap just came in to test your timing and reflexes the objective is to advance this little spaceship through a bunch of different obstacles as you progress your collect these purple gems or whatever
they're called and you can use them to buy new types of spaceships as always the game will start out pretty simple but as you advance it will prove to be more and more challenging with faster more complex obstacles on top of this the graphics physics the visuals and sound effects are all very good in pleasing to the eyes and ears this is easily must try that does it for this month best Android apps
I hope you guys enjoyed if you did feel free to hit that like button and subscribe to the Channel if you are new go ahead and let me know which app or apps are your favourite from the video down below in the comments and we'll talk about it but anyway that doesn't mean I will talk to you guys in the next video and thank you so much for watching

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