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5 Science And Tech Predictions For 2018 | Mach | NBC News

Robots will get more emotional synthetic biology will take a Leap Forward in cryptocurrencies will keep you guessing about the unstable future cheer her to expect in 2018 in the world of Science and Technology well 2017 may have been an emotional year for many humans 2018 promises to be more emotional for robots but don't expect them to become a sentient anytime soon as they enter homes schools and workplaces
the next generation of robots will definitely need to learn how to fit into everyday human life to this and robot-assisted developing a brand new class of humanoid robot that are more capable of human interactions take cancel robot Sophia for instance as humanoid robot that can hold a conversation in speaker public forums socially assistive robots providing therapy to children with autism in the elderly
but also game more prominent just as we get SIA a small robots like Sony's Rabat that guy and blue flags conversational robot bloody were unveiled with the bitcoins Me The Horizon 2017 all that eyes are set on cryptocurrencies trade experts are split on whether or not the current boomer last full summer comparing the crypto create the bubble in the 90s others are counting on them to become more mainstream among supporters are celebrities like rapper ghostface Killah cryptocurrency company expected to intensify as countries like India Japan and China have some big space launches coming up but India and China are headed to the moon but China planning to Land Rover on the dark side of the moon later this year and India launch in its second lunar mission in March near all depends Hayabusa 2 spacecraft is scheduled to land on the asteroid ryugu in June private space companies in the US are pursuing their own space race as SpaceX and blue origin had a perfect reusable rocket augmented reality is definitely becoming more mainstream the much hyped company magically is finally unveiled its augmented reality glasses last month and plans to ship consumer versions in 2018 Facebook Google and Microsoft are far behind as a virtual becomes a real engineer's are trying to push the boundaries of Science and day-to-day application with each new prototype Apple and Google are currently working with developers to integrate augmented reality with their smartphone offerings pretty soon we could all be wearing
Terminator style ar glasses significant breakthroughs in the field of genetics and molecular biology are on the horizon chemist Dr George says that 2018 will bring multiple projects to make synthetic cell safe from all viruses he says will see new data on embryos going outside of a mouse body and new synthetic nerve cells for brain-computer interfaces the dawn of synthetic genomes will help reduce cost for diagnosis and treatment of civil illnesses

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